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Smart™ RADICAL INNOVATION Technical-Purchasing-Cost Control is not just a software; it is a complete solution covering today’s demands of the shipping industry through easy to use tools, for ashore and on board, enhanced with a variety of innovative and value for money features. Smart™ RADICAL INNOVATION is a complete, fully integrated application covering the areas of : 

  • Technical
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Cost Control

Files will be available in the future


Smart™ Crew

The Smart™ Crew Management provides a comprehensive framework for managing all crew related information and constitutes an excellent tool for organising in full the crew management function and assisting in the ISM, ISO, STCW, TSMA compliance.

Files will be available in the future


Smart™ Marine Accounting & Financials

Smart™ Marine Accounting & Financials, is a Windows based, safe and powerful package that covers completely the accounting and financial needs of a maritime company. Its advanced user-friendly design makes it so self-explanatory that it can be instantly productive with practically no training. This breakthrough package is also multilingual and supported by full documentation and on-line help.

It consists of the modules:

  • Marine Accounting
  • Budget
  • Financials - Management Information System

Files will be available in the future



SES ERP, can be acknowledged as the flagship of SES. It is designed to cover all functions and operational aspects of every department in a ship management or shipping related company. Through flexible integration of all procedures it provides for easy, synchronized communications and total control of the entire company and the vessels.

Files will be available in the future



SES Logistics applications, together with the data implementation for its Systems, provides for the realization of an integrated support software package for the ship or group of ships. It aims at achieving minimum through life cost, consistent with maximising the Availability, Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) elements.

Files will be available in the future